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 Guide74_aber_uni_residency2015 Guide74_projection_pic
Photographs © Jessica Raby, 2015

“It’s the exquisite timing of Luce’s words and images, and her use of just enough words, that makes her performance lecture so compelling” Miranda Whall, Artist / Lecturer in Creative Arts, Fine Art and Experimental Media / Director of Creative Arts, Aberystwyth University

“Artist and poet Luce Choules inspiring us to be creative in sharing the enormity of the landscapes we have the privilege to explore – especially dynamic, ever-changing mountain ecosystems – some wild, some over-run by visitors. Never to be rushed and to have an open mind witnessing glaciers, snow, ice, rock – with over 5,000 images. Thank you Luce for sharing your study of the Haute-Savoie” Nigel Winser, Environmental Consultant / Earthwatch Europe Ambassador

“… a series of photographic images accompanied by her reading her own writing, and that by others … drew the audience into the place, and allowed us to be there with her as she read. Not crossing the landscape, as Richard Long might do, but immersed in it. There. In contact with the place. Not capturing it, controlling it or using it to frame the artist. Luce’s performance was gentle, sensitive and most of all compelling. It was as if the landscape was sharing itself through her images and choice of texts. It was laid out for the audience to visually explore.” Carolyn Black, Curator, Flow Contemporary Arts

“I really enjoyed your talk – it’s so refreshing to hear about the creative, peaceful side of exploration!” Rosemary Ostfeld, Events Coordinator, Cambridge University Expeditions Society (CUEX)

Photograph © Nigel Winser, 2015

Photograph © Carolyn Black, 2015